Transitional Coaching

You likely spend 52% of your waking hours at your job, not even including commuting and travel. And statistically, more likely than not, you are dissatisfied with your job. Life is the most precious gift on Earth and can’t be spent this way. We at Berdéo Group shift the landscape of professional satisfaction toward joy and fulfillment through constructive transitional coaching.

Whether earning an impressive living on a mission lacking purpose or having been downsized into the forced mixed blessing of finding their next exciting chapter, our clients find and move to their true north. Through assessment and evidence-based questioning, clients explore a new confidence of authentic self-awareness rather than the powder keg of fear and troubling emotions inherent in uncertainty.

Armed with new self-belief coming from clarity and a trusted, seasoned guide, all possibilities are embraced through an efficient process of narrowing choices. Once the true north is identified, strategies to navigate toward true professional fulfillment are implemented along with tactics for true action and accountability with a spirit of confidence and excitement.

With new opportunities secured, we work through deliberate plans to expand the skills, attitudes, and strategies to excel in a thrilling new world. Using a transitional coaching presents exciting growth through change and fulfillment you may have only thought could only be fiction.