Women’s Leadership Development

As women are more represented in helping their companies perform at higher and higher levels, it is imperative that companies and women leaders adopt the appropriate perspectives and behaviors to properly absorb their perspectives and presence in operational and strategic decision-making. At Berdeo Group we:

  • Capitalize on the elements successful women associate with achievement and engagement: PIC – Purpose, Integration and Connection.
  • Work to improve a woman’s skills and knowledge in service of building the overall capacity and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Support women in clarifying and practicing their unique life choices through tapping into typical and distinct sources of female power and ways of female communication.
  • Employ an approach based on the way women are wired to explore, learn, grow, and produce results.
  • Foster innovation and passion and increase a woman’s overall commitment to themselves and the organization.

The Facts Are Clear:

  • Since 2005, companies globally with more than one woman on their boards have seen over 3% greater annual stock returns than others (Source: Credit Suisse)
  • 37% of leaders in companies with financial performance in the top fifth are women compared to 12% in companies in the bottom fifth. (Source: DDI)
  • Women control 70- 80% of consumer spending in the United States. (Source: Center for American Progress)

  • And yet, Only 14.6% of executive officers in the 500 highest grossing American companies are women and only 4.6% of CEOs are female. (Source: Center for American Progress)

It is clear that the gender gap in leadership positions is costing economies globally billions of dollars year after year.

Companies that fish in only half of the talent pool decrease their earning power.

Yet, there are deeply ingrained traditions and cultural factors influencing how society includes women in the workforce and how they view themselves. Generally, corporations are not taking the necessary steps to promote women into essential roles, and women do not position themselves for such roles.

Companies that cast their net more widely will reap the rewards.

Despite historical factors, women have been increasing their presence at the top of corporate America, with significant strides in the past 10 years. Approximately 19.2 percent of the board seats of S&P 500 companies are held by women. (Catalyst. 2014 Catalyst Census: Women Board Directors. New York: Catalyst 2016)

Business organizations are presented with a great opportunity to create an environment where women can thrive, contribute their best, fundamentally influence the organization and rise to leadership.