We serve clients across industries and company sizes from small to the Fortune 500, with focused expertise in professional services, media and advertising, financial services, healthcare, diversified entertainment, and aggressive growth companies.

We serve influential executives, entrepreneurs, and partners who seek to bolster their own value in their organizations, have an insatiable appetite to enhance their own professional development, and give back to the world in their own personal way.

A partial list of clients include:

Our clients are forward thinking, emotionally astute, and optimistic. They are purpose-driven.

Berdéo Group focuses its efforts on where our clients need us most. Together we commit to:
  • Discovery – Uncover the best of what is, conveying opportunities for improvement in ways that are realistic and motivating.
  • Forward thinking – Absorb and act on changes in life and business strategy, anticipated or otherwise.
  • Imagination – Imagine what might be, conceptualize actions and priorities and enable pivotal decisions, designing actionable strategies.
  • Innovation – Create what will be, breaking through multi-level and complex barriers in the process.
  • Personal brand – Refine executive presence and leadership style.
  • Execution – Cultivate strong executive leadership from your people to execute on actionable strategies, especially during large-scale transformation.

Enabling you to tackle intricate issues, empowering you with the tools and confidence to accept and tackle ever-greater challenges for your own success and that of your business is our passion.

What Our Clients Say

Laura Berger is one of the best professional coaches I have encountered with astute interpersonal and strategic skills. She helped me think clearly about a situation and how to best approach it to achieve my objectives, and served as a great sounding-board throughout the process. Laura is not afraid to care, to offer candid advice, and get involved in the real issues a professional leader is dealing with on a day-to-day and longer-term basis. Laura is a positive and supportive coach and I would highly recommend her to any professional looking to lead with strength and effectiveness.

Laura Krajecki, Starcom MediaVest Group
Chief Consumer Officer, EVP, Human Experience Director

If you are lucky, in your life there will be only a handful of people that you can say have truly changed your trajectory, Laura Berger was that person for me. I have had the extreme good fortune of having Laura as my leadership coach and a friend for many years now. Her insights and ability to distil challenges and opportunities into practical, sensible advice is incredible. Right from the start during our conversations, her wisdom and guidance into what was happening in my professional career, helped me understand how my achievements and contributions are significantly more valuable than the sum of my challenges. Also, her guidance on company politics, communication styles and the importance of being visible was son on-target.

Her analysis taught me to step back and look at the commonalities of my successes and understand where and more importantly why I had certain challenges and her skills taught me to see and reflect on my thoughts and actions in a way that freed me from many of my challenges and focused me on the true benefits and gifts of my life and career.

To this day, I have passed on some of her guidance on to my peers, so her “affect” has reached significantly farther than she even realizes. Here are some words that best describe Laura Berger: Insightful advisor; aware, intuitive; sensitive, strong, playful, effective, counselor, guide, enthusiast, transforming; mentor. Think you get the picture that I am a fan!!

Ana Cedeno
Chief Executive Officer at Big Brothers Big Sisters of Broward County

Laura Berger is an exceptional professional coach. She thinks clearly and constructively through issues and collaboratively develops approaches that provide resolutions that are on point. When faced with potentially confrontational situations Laura has a unique way of breaking down the situation into manageable issues while providing objective advice that focuses on the potential solution rather than the problem. Laura has great critical thinking skills but most importantly she takes the time to listen ensuring that she has a full understanding of what is needed prior to providing advice. She does all of this in a caring and personal way that is both supportive and forward thinking.

Robert Zappa, Leo Burnett Worldwide
Senior Vice President, Global Director of Enterprise Technology

Laura gave me the push I needed to set some realistic goals and create steps to do something I always wanted to do, which is get involved in an arts organization . . . I had come up with a plan, and within several months had accomplished my goal to become a director at the Goodman Theater Scenemakers Council. With her help I accomplished a lot. I can’t recommend her more highly.

Lee Mickus, Integrys Energy Group
JD, MBA, CPA, LLM, Tax Research Coordinator

I worked with Laura Berger to help clarify my business and assess some possible new directions. She possesses a rare combination of personal warmth, skill and insight, along with very capable business expertise. Laura helped me examine some potential new avenues and drew from her very impressive network to help me explore them further. I would highly recommend Laura to anyone who needs guidance, insight and support to move forward in one’s career.

Pamela Montagno, Communication with a Global Perspective

Laura and I have partnered on several high-level strategy sessions over the years. I am impressed by her ability to engage top leadership, raise their level of thinking, foster creative problem-solving and build momentum that leads to forward progress.

With ease and grace, she challenges leaders to step outside their comfort zone. Her uncanny ability to create trust results in an environment that enables free flowing conversation, strong team dynamics and a spirit of empowerment that keeps clients on-task and focused.

She navigates teams with skills beyond the status quo. I remember the amazement on the faces of a group of high-powered executives who were asked to use their untrained Karate skills to break boards to symbolize the need to break through the barriers that had impeded their creativity. Not only did this exercise raise the energy level of the room, it resulted in better ideas that allowed the team to develop a transformative organizational strategy. Laura is a strong strategic facilitator who will design and deliver a session that propels clients to the “next” level.

Brenda Williams, Russell Williams Group, Inc.

Laura is the most impressive coach I’ve worked with! She clearly sees the undercurrents of a situation and has helped me to thoughtfully analyze situations to confidently assert myself. With her help, I saw my self-imposed emotional limitations and brought myself back to business. She has encouraged me to see pivotal negotiations from the other party’s point of view. She has helped me to significantly increase my income and catalyzes me to discover easy solutions to career issues that had never occurred to me. I know that if I continue to have a disciplined coaching program with her my success and prosperity will continue to grow.

JP Morgan Chase
Vice President