Keynote Topics

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“Non Voyage!” Radical Solutions in the Face of the Growing Epidemic Global Overwork”

Humorous and action-packed stories from a radical jungle sabbatical combine with the current state of overwork and on-the-job stress, culminating in practical and implementable solutions. Leaders learn practical implementations to offer to employees who also are inspired by actionable practices to increase health, engagement, and performance while enjoying balance in life.

The Four Pillars of SuccessTM: The Time-Tested Recipe to Radical Reinvention and Peak Achievement (View Sept 2014 Media Release)

Successful and striving professionals believe that if they work hard and play the perception game well, they will reach their loftiest goals. While that’s certainly part of it, the true road to success is paved in courage and humanity. Laura shares her exclusive four simple, time-tested principles that have propelled her and the top executives who she mentors to exceptional personal and professional achievement.

Jungle Gems: Inspire Your Teams Rise to New Achievement with Leadership Lessons from a Jungle Radical Sabbatical

Learn the practical techniques that anyone can use to navigate monumental challenges toward breakthroughs and successful outcomes. Explore with Laura the trials and tribulations of living in the jungles where she reveals the harsh and comical lessons learned and how they apply to your everyday jungle in effectively handling client demands and issues, different personalities, and complex cultural shifts.

“This is the funniest book I have ever held in my hands.”

— Dave Barry, Pulitzer Prize Winning Author and Humorist about Radical Sabbatical

A View From The Top of a Radical Rappel: The 3 Secret C’s to Your C-Suite

Be captivated by how rappelling from 200ft waterfalls, paragliding from the heights of 2400 ft over the jungles and coastline of Costa Rica translate into techniques to fostering and nurturing your leadership capabilities. This topic caters to senior leader audiences.

Negotiate Like a Woman: Radical Techniques to Bridge the Gender Gap to Yes

Women who lead fulfilling lives know and ask for what they want–in the professional and personal space. Laura discusses a collection of smart, practical tips on how, ask for, and get what you want and ask for it. Capture maximum value through skillful and effective negotiation. The results? Laura’s tips have empowered clients to double their salaries!

Basic Instincts: A Radical Rediscovery of a Woman’s Place in Leadership

Women are viewed as more meek, are less permitted to be direct, and continue to be paid less than their male counterparts. Ironically, they think creatively, are true partners and collaborators, and walk in others’ shoes with emotional intelligence and empathy. Yet, these skills are often underutilized in a society valuing the traditional perceptions of strength and clout. Join Laura Berger through the jungles of Costa Rica, clearing paths and rappelling 200ft waterfalls to bring the wonder of navigating life and business as authentic women into vivid and practical focus.