Laura Berger | The Huffington Post

Laura Berger is the Managing Director of Berdéo Group LLC, a company that strengthens leaders and organizations through coaching and consulting using evidence-based methods, the preeminent framework in adult learning, behavioral psychology and communication. Her clients (of public/private companies) include global board members, CEO’s, Presidents, Senior Vice Presidents, Executive Directors, Medical Directors, and owners of accelerated growth emerging companies. Her bestselling autobiographical jungle caper, "Radical Sabbatical: A Hilarious Journey from a Stifling Rut to a Life Without Boundaries," inspired her mission, "helping overworked professionals hone their lives precisely toward abundance, passion, and purpose." Laura's columns in "Psychology Today" and "Huffington Post" and appearances on ABC, Huffington Post Live, The Dr. Oz Show with Deepak Chopra, CNBC, "US News and World Report," "Yahoo Finance," "Self" magazine, "The Miami Herald," and radio shows across the country showcase her Four Pillars of Success to pose tough questions and prompt motivating a-has. Laura lives in South Florida and can be reached at

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