Our Mission, Vision, and Values

“Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.” —Japanese proverb


We enable clients to explore and utilize their charisma and virtues to elevate themselves to greater possibilities.


Berdéo Group is the partner of choice for organizations and professionals who desire:
  • Freedom to chart and follow their personal and professional aspirations
  • The courage to recognize and leverage their own strengths and acknowledge weaknesses
  • The focus to create relationships necessary to achieve personal enjoyment and reach their goals
  • To be the catalysts for positive and real change in organizations and the world
  • To “pay it forward” and make a difference in society

Berdéo Group’s clients emerge with new-found strength to accelerate and advance the constructive priorities of humanity in the world.



We are open-minded, genuine and unassuming. We are open source collaborators—direct and to-the-point to drive greater self-awareness in all areas of life.

Possibility (Discovery)

The greatest possibilities lie in the impossible. Advancing possibility is the essence of great leadership.


We engage in fearless inquiry to challenge our clients to discover new and innovative opportunity. Our clients emerge with a clearer sense of what “is” and where they want to go.


We help clients objectify and drive through self-limiting thoughts utilizing real and actionable solutions.


Our partnership with our clients in a safe and confidential environment inspires self-understanding and a trust in their own ideas with willingness to stay the course toward success.