Interview Preparation

Securing spots in advanced leadership, C-suite, and board contexts is, albeit appropriately, a behemoth of a task and art all its own. Areas of competence and experience to be demonstrated are broad and yet must be communicated with the detailed evidence to secure confidence from the target organization.

The question becomes: Can you field any question thrown at you:
  • Confidently
  • Concisely, and
  • Convincingly
Our coaches have seasoned expertise in preparing clients for landing some of the most coveted roles in today’s most admired corporations with a comprehensive foundational package including:
  • Improving executive presence including poise, mannerisms, attitude, and mood—down to the clothing to be worn during the interview.
  • Selecting, crafting, and rehearsing compelling answers to common questions and concise stories to evidence experience.
  • Collaborating on a topic outline of important areas of focus about the target company and role.
  • Coaching to network one’s way into the good graces of the selection committee before the interview and during the decision process.

At Berdéo Group, we tease out a candidate’s inner superhero to fuel performance in the interview. Conversely, we lay out an objective and honest view of past challenges and evidence of an ability to grow, as broaching these topics in the interview is inevitable.

This no-nonsense, inquisitive, and instructional approach has led to a stellar track record in placing executives in positions of great prestige and reward.