Why Us

“Theory without practice is foolish, practice without theory is dangerous.” – Chinese Proverb
Our approach is evidence based—guided by researched models in accordance with International Coaching Federation’s standards of conduct and ethical guidelines. And, our clients just love us!

How do the most effective companies and their leaders manage with strength at peak levels? It’s simple—they operate with awareness and intention. Helping to create such awareness and intention requires a different approach to coaching.

What makes Berdéo Group different? All services and programs focus on a behaviour-based approach. In otherwords, thoughts and ideas inside a person’s mind have significant influence on an individual’s behaviors. Using positive and humanistic psychology, we work together to figure out the actions you need to take and the practical changes you need to make in your everyday professional life to overcome the challenges that we have identified.

Evidence based coaching is the preeminent framework in adult learning, psychology and communication. Evidence based coaches integrate the most current techniques in the industry with their own deep experience in addressing client needs. This approach allows clients to devise their own inspired coaching solutions based on tangible dynamics and ownership of their actions.

Thus, our coaches combine their own deep experience in business with their ability to apply research and proven methods in an actionable way to create meaningful positive change with their clients and the organizations they serve.