Berdéo Group specializes in an explosion of capability and performance through the cutting-edge paradigm of evidence based coaching in accordance with International Coach Federation (ICF) coaching competencies.

Customized client-by client, the program begins by identifying the client’s most organic talents, opportunities, weaknesses, and challenges. Success is enabled and key, long-lasting avenues are identified for a personal and professional life drastically improved through open, forthcoming, and evidence based method. Our program takes a holistic life approach with an emphasis on professional factors to strike the optimal balance between professional and personal fulfillment.

Together with the client, career advancement is enhanced, clarity of professional purpose is forged, and personal development and learning are promoted. With our help, clients
  • Leverage a safe and confidential environment to dissect and sort through complex professional issues for what they are and implement real solutions.
  • Capitalize on custom tools to identify the self-limiting thoughts preventing the client from seeing solutions and driving toward them.
  • Explore and differentiate between the thoughts coming from the inner coach and those from the inner critic.
  • Understand the realities of the client’s communication style to enhance individual performance and that of others.
  • Improve overall organizational performance by bringing the client’s techniques and takeaways to client teams.
Despite customization of coaching techniques, the following areas are consistently part of the program:
  • Emotional Intelligence– Encapsulates self-awareness and emotional maturity. Leveraging assessments (EQ-i) and models, clients gain a greater understanding of their interactions with others and how to better negotiate personal and professional relationships.
  • Executive Presence – How clients present, visible and available to customers and employees? The appropriate behaviors and disposition will demand control of a room while making others feel special and bought in.
  • Harnessing Power – Deepening understanding of how to more resourcefully tackle challenges from a position of strength. This includes recognizing shortcomings to build a management team that compliments weaknesses and capitalizes on strengths.
(To learn more about EQ-i 2.0 click here)

Influence and Navigating Politics

Respected influencers on accelerated career paths have a situational understanding of professional and emotional crosscurrents and posses emotional intelligence to employ proper responses to intense, real-time stimuli. Through appreciative inquiry and assessments (i.e., EQ-i), our coaches help you dissect your greatest victories and not-so-great flops to yield a lucid appreciation of your strongest behaviors to be exploited and reinforced, coupled with required pivots to truly excel.

While developing your predisposition for influence is of the essence for a leader, there will inevitably be specific scenarios—often identical in nature—that appear categorically impossible to crack. Berdéo Group’s coaches have a rare specialty in working with clients using evidence-based, Gestalt appreciative inquiry. This has clients arrive at the true essence of the problem, the barriers making it seemingly insurmountable, and the self-discovered, right solutions to make the right path seem so simple—with reusable learning for posterity.

With help from our seasoned experts, find yourself taking spontaneous and inspired right action that yields influence and advancement right here and now.

Self-Management and Professional Stability

How do you feel right now? Hopefully, you are casually browsing. But maybe you arrived here in an existential panic at work—or at home not being able to leave work behind.

No one intentionally engages in self-harm, originating as one-off coping mechanisms morphing into unrelenting, yet uncomfortable, habits unseen but in plain sight to an objective observer. With coaching, you can become that observer. Better yet, you can act on your new-found clarity.

At Berdéo Group, our evidence-based coaches are experts at walking our clients to absolute awareness of the habitual processes that repeatedly fuel a constant anxious state, leading to disorganization, confusion, and poor choices. You, as your new objective observer, stop the spin of everyday life, hone your intentions on the methods to whisk you toward your true life purpose, and settle into a life of lucidity and equanimity.

Strategic Planning

The most effective leaders have confidence in themselves and their reports, stubbornly believing others have the ideas that mean prosperity in the future. Such philosophies also relieve a leader of the stifling pressure to single-handedly produce the keys to the future. While such an attitude holds magic for cutting-edge innovation and success, it also does introduce a new burden—fostering a collective organizational brain to advance right ideas and actions.

Berdéo Group has facilitated client strategic planning sessions for decades. We help tease out and organize the best ideas and plans in the room with accountability for action and coaching others tasked with doing the same.

Like symphony conductors, our facilitators—or alternatively the facilitators we coach—lead participants to distill the right music from strategic cross-currents to set a business humming along a drivable path toward near-, mid-, and long-term success.

Transitional Coaching

You likely spend 52% of your waking hours at your job, not even including commuting and travel. And statistically, more likely than not, you are dissatisfied with your job. Life is the most precious gift on Earth and can’t be spent this way. We at Berdéo Group shift the landscape of professional satisfaction toward joy and fulfillment through constructive transitional coaching.

Whether earning an impressive living on a mission lacking purpose or having been downsized into the forced mixed blessing of finding their next exciting chapter, our clients find and move to their true north. Through assessment and evidence-based questioning, clients explore a new confidence of authentic self-awareness rather than the powder keg of fear and troubling emotions inherent in uncertainty.

Armed with new self-belief coming from clarity and a trusted, seasoned guide, all possibilities are embraced through an efficient process of narrowing choices. Once the true north is identified, strategies to navigate toward true professional fulfillment are implemented along with tactics for true action and accountability with a spirit of confidence and excitement.

With new opportunities secured, we work through deliberate plans to expand the skills, attitudes, and strategies to excel in a thrilling new world. Using a transitional coaching presents exciting growth through change and fulfillment you may have only thought could only be fiction.

Women’s Leadership Development

As women are more represented in helping their companies perform at higher and higher levels, it is imperative that companies and women leaders adopt the appropriate perspectives and behaviors to properly absorb their perspectives and presence in operational and strategic decision-making. At Berdeo Group we:

  • Capitalize on the elements successful women associate with achievement and engagement: PIC – Purpose, Integration and Connection.
  • Work to improve a woman’s skills and knowledge in service of building the overall capacity and effectiveness of the organization.
  • Support women in clarifying and practicing their unique life choices through tapping into typical and distinct sources of female power and ways of female communication.
  • Employ an approach based on the way women are wired to explore, learn, grow, and produce results.
  • Foster innovation and passion and increase a woman’s overall commitment to themselves and the organization.

The Facts Are Clear:

  • Since 2005, companies globally with more than one woman on their boards have seen over 3% greater annual stock returns than others (Source: Credit Suisse)
  • 37% of leaders in companies with financial performance in the top fifth are women compared to 12% in companies in the bottom fifth. (Source: DDI)
  • Women control 70- 80% of consumer spending in the United States. (Source: Center for American Progress)

  • And yet, Only 14.6% of executive officers in the 500 highest grossing American companies are women and only 4.6% of CEOs are female. (Source: Center for American Progress)

It is clear that the gender gap in leadership positions is costing economies globally billions of dollars year after year.

Companies that fish in only half of the talent pool decrease their earning power.

Yet, there are deeply ingrained traditions and cultural factors influencing how society includes women in the workforce and how they view themselves. Generally, corporations are not taking the necessary steps to promote women into essential roles, and women do not position themselves for such roles.

Companies that cast their net more widely will reap the rewards.

Despite historical factors, women have been increasing their presence at the top of corporate America, with significant strides in the past 10 years. Approximately 19.2 percent of the board seats of S&P 500 companies are held by women. (Catalyst. 2014 Catalyst Census: Women Board Directors. New York: Catalyst 2016)

Business organizations are presented with a great opportunity to create an environment where women can thrive, contribute their best, fundamentally influence the organization and rise to leadership.

Advanced Leadership Interview Preparation

Securing spots in advanced leadership, C-suite, and board contexts is, albeit appropriately, a behemoth of a task and art all its own. Areas of competence and experience to be demonstrated are broad and yet must be communicated with the detailed evidence to secure confidence from the target organization.

The question becomes: Can you field any question thrown at you:
  • Confidently
  • Concisely, and
  • Convincingly
Our coaches have seasoned expertise in preparing clients for landing some of the most coveted roles in today’s most admired corporations with a comprehensive foundational package including:
  • Improving executive presence including poise, mannerisms, attitude, and mood—down to the clothing to be worn during the interview.
  • Selecting, crafting, and rehearsing compelling answers to common questions and concise stories to evidence experience.
  • Collaborating on a topic outline of important areas of focus about the target company and role.
  • Coaching to network one’s way into the good graces of the selection committee before the interview and during the decision process.

At Berdéo Group, we tease out a candidate’s inner superhero to fuel performance in the interview. Conversely, we lay out an objective and honest view of past challenges and evidence of an ability to grow, as broaching these topics in the interview is inevitable.

This no-nonsense, inquisitive, and instructional approach has led to a stellar track record in placing executives in positions of great prestige and reward.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment


Are you interested in measuring the various skills you use to navigate the everyday challenges of life and business? Berdeo Group administers the EQ-i assessment and helps individuals and companies navigate its results. Click here to inquire about taking your EQ-i assessment.


Personality Assessments

Berdeo Group administers the Pearman Personality Integrator TM, which contains over 1,000,000 distinct personality types. The Integrator measures personality in two states–ones natural (or comfortable) state and in their everyday (most frequent) environment. It also measures and describes your level of adaptability, agility, and resilience. Click here to inquire about taking your Pearman Personality Integrator TM.